Aziz Subach workshop

Welcome to my workshop. 
Our workshop is located in Beer Sheva, is small and specializes in creating furniture and original wooden objects. Customers who contact us are from around the country and receive an online service using Skype or email.
Workshop, we are two carpenters. Various tasks, most applicants are people who wantsomething special involving the wooden curve, reconstruction and restoration of old furniture,something like an antique, or sometimes .. a cup of coffee. We excel in patience ...
Not all of the tasks we take and we have no warehouse ... all done to order, and just about anything you see on the site has been sold.
Types of wood we work with most are: pine (a), mahogany, African walnut, oak, maple andcherry. But other times and other trees by the available warehouse We love what we do and try toimprove and learn all the time.
You should read and view records site, we can and should respond in the comments and we have an interest in the discourse from which responses to learning and self improvement. We welcome ideas for further writing.
Much of the work on the Site is done with a chisel, lathe, milling wood, table saw, band saw, and more. We use both manual and electric instruments both as needed.
Internet visitors will see parts of the work environment within images, we did not attempt to hidethe workshop, the workshop is to us an excellent background for furniture and other woodworkthat we create.
We also manufacture and build some of our own devices, for example, spirals lathe, Milling XYZtable, table saw cart, etc..
Most applicants come to us looking for something special when it's hard to find, difficult to make,not profitable to build it or just not so familiar. Many methods of manufacturing parts for thefurniture-style wood-century 18-19 not implemented by most of the wood craftsmen in Israel(cabriole legs, for example), we gather such knowledge and try to learn it.

Enjoy the site.